Getting Naked Cake

A friend at work was planning a wedding for her daughter. She asked me to make the cake and a few small desserts. The request was something light and airy with fruits or flowers that would compliment the backdrop. The wedding would take place in the family orchard and was to be an outdoor wedding. She requested a crepe cake or something different. I decided to show her an example of a naked cake. Here is my quick and easy directions on putting together this impressive but easy dessert. In this photo I used a lemon cake recipe to begin a basic lemon and buttercream cake decorated with fresh whole cherries.


Step 1. Begin with any cake recipe you would like to use. Make sure to  Grease the pan with either flour and butter or with a cooking spray to ensure perfect edges when removed. (I used a cooking spray so it did not leave any flour residue on the sides.)

step 2. After the layers are baked and cooled place them, remaining in the pans, into the freezer so that they become more stiff. One stiffened up slightly (usually 15/20 minutes is all needed) take out and using a long knife or cake cutting tool cut the elevated dome of the top of the cake off making sure not to cut near the edges.

Step 3. Place first layer onto desired cake plate bottom side down. Apply icing or topping of choice to top and make sure to get close to edges but not over.

step 4. Repeat with as many layers as desired.  When you are finished trimming the top layer and about to apply it flip it upside down so that the top of the cake has a perfectly flat surface.

Step 5. Apply desired icing or topping and have fun with fruits of flowers and anything you can think of!

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