Homemade Christmas Macaron Boxes

Like every Christmas, just like this past Christmas, I told myself don’t go over board with gifts and just make something from the heart and give it to the ones you love.  Keep the true meaning of Christmas in mind. So, I went over board with gifts and found the time to make something heart felt as well. Filling my time with family and friends and work at the hospital,  I found little time to shop or make cookies or bake this season. I decided to search online for a template to make my own French Macaron boxes and give them as gifts. So after a quick trip to the local art store I started tracing and cutting. Then I baked 5 of my favorite flavors of Macarons.


I purchased a Fiscar fingertip craft knife, bow labels and some scrapbook paper. This project also needs invisible tape and parchment paper.


Using this template, I enlarged it and made it fit the scrapbook paper perfectly. Then I cut out and folded the box before securing it with tape.

P 175

I did change the size to make it so I could fit 5-7 Macarons per box. Once the box was together I cut a strip of parchment paper so I could separate my flavors of Macarons I recommend using the “chicwrap” parchment cutter; makes my life so, so much easier.


Then fill with any goodies you’d like  and use labels as you like. Enjoy.


Accessable links:


Chicwrap parchment paper cutters on amazon or: https://www.chicwrap.com/bakers-tools-parchment/

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